Wedding Arbors – Wedding Pictures to Backyard Garden

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Your wedding day is one of the happiest and most important days of your life.  How would you like to keep those wonderful memories alive at home every day of the year?  Well of course a framed wedding picture capturing the moment of smiling bride and groom standing under their wedding arbor is one way to do it.  But here is an even better idea.  Plan to keep your wedding arbor and take it home.

Years after all the wedding reception meals have been digested, the table centerpieces have wilted, and the wedding music has faded, a well constructed wedding arbor can live on in your life for many, many years, right in your backyard landscape. 
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An arbor can be used in many decorative ways and can easily be adapted from a elegant wedding setting into a beautiful landscape focal point.  Your repurposed wedding feature will grow and age into a lovely garden friend.

Wooden arbors are the most common material and vinyl material also gaining popularity for their ease of maintenance. Metal options include painted iron, finished steel, or natural copper models. The copper frames age beautifully and add grace to the garden. 

Often thought of as only being white, wedding arbors come in other colors as well.  And no matter what color or style you choose for the wedding, it can be repainted if necessary in the future to fit right into your home landscape theme.  The metal and wood types are best candidates for repainting.  Repainting vinyl is not as easy and generally not recommended.

What to do with your decorated wedding arbor after the wedding reception:

Arrange for someone to deliver your treasure from the wedding reception location to your home or other temporary place after the last official wedding day use of the arbor.  Once you return from your honeymoon and get settled into your new life of bliss, you’ll have plenty of time to rework it  into a backyard garden feature that you envisioned.  You already gave some thought about how you were going to use it while planning your wedding and selecting the design options. 

Once your "new" garden arbor is home, you have great opportunity to test it out in the yard. You may want to try different locations or orientations to find just the right place.  After all, you will be looking at and enjoying this wedding souvenir for many years to come.  When the arbor is set in place and the plants grow on, around, or through its slats it will be more difficult to move than it is right now.  So take a few different looks at it.  Once the best location is picked out for your new garden arbor it will be time to secure it in place and add the other landscape materials and plantings to your new landscape feature.  That’s a subject for another day.

When you include a wedding arbor in your planning checklist for your outdoor wedding decoration, you not only beautify your wedding day, but also start planning for the home life that follows.

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