Wedding Arbor Decoration – Wedding Flowers, Plants, and Accessories

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wedding arbor detail with flowering plantYou have so many fun choices for all your wedding decorations and that’s also the case for decorating wedding arches. You can use traditional or modern decorations or a mixture of both.

Once you decide on a general theme for your wedding and a color scheme to use the tough part is over. Selecting specific items to fill in the pieces of the puzzle can be a lot of fun. Be creative and open your mind to new ideas. Hopefully we have a few for you at

First, here’s a suggestion – Plan to save and reuse some of the decorative detail items. You can enjoy them and literally keep a piece of your wedding ceremony alive in your home for many months and years to come. What do we mean? More on that later under wedding plants.

Wedding Decorating Accessories – You’ll want to select a few of the following accessories for decorating your wedding arbor assembly and you have many options of colors, materials, and styles. These include satin ribbons, fabrics, tulle netting, bows, garlands, beading, and even lights.

Small lights can add a sparkle to the setting especially for evening ceremonies or receptions. Helium filled balloons add a real light festive touch, a lot of color and motion, and even some excitement when the occasional one pops.

Wedding Plants – It is common to add live cut flowers and greenery to the latticework to soften the edges. This also helps tie the structure into the landscape if it is an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Place potted plants around the structure to add to the lushness of the setting and the moment. These can be outdoor plants that can be replanted in your landscape afterwards, potted flowering plants that can be given to guests after the reception, or indoor plants that can be taken home and enjoyed. Better yet, plan to use a combination of all three.

Add foliage plants for wedding decorations

You have the option to buy or rent live, neatly trimmed shrubs or topiary plants to place near the wedding arch. Decorate them with some of the same ribbons, tulle material, bows, or flowers to match those used on the archway. Check with local florists or privately-run garden centers about renting plants for the day if you decide to go that way.

Wedding Ceremony Accents – If the wedding ceremony is indoors or a very protected outdoor area, consider using floor standing candelabras. Decorate the uprights with ribbons or garland to match the other components of your setting. Light the candles right before the ceremony to add to the ambiance. Even unlit, the candelabras lend a nice formal touch to the area.

Stained glass wedding arch accentFor a real unique and personal touch, consider hanging a stained glass window accent on the structure. For outdoor weddings the affect of sunlight pouring through the vibrant colored glass can be especially beautiful and inspiring. Have a custom piece made and it will become a treasured keepsake and beautiful reminder of your wedding day.

Take a couple minutes and decide on incorporating one or more of these ideas that make the most sense – not only to your wedding budget but also to your likes and lifestyle. You will be spending money on wedding decorations, so why not get the most out of it that you can an make it last.

You can enjoy some of wedding decorations for years and years to come. Some of them might even “grow” on you.

How to Decorate a Church for a Wedding
Churches may also have candelabras that you can use.

Glowing Wedding Decoration Ideas
Fresh greenery and candles create a natural air of romance for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Lined the aisle or walkways with long and low candelabras.

Lights and Weddings
When mini lights are used in the arbor, it gives the appearance of a starry night. Lights add sparkle to the total wedding scene.

Ideas for Unique Wedding Decoration
Outdoor wedding lights make great arbor accents. Nesting them in the arbor’s foliage creates a starry canopy for the bride and groom.

Green Your Wedding: Reuse! Recycle!