Wedding Garden Arbor, Outdoor Wedding Decorations

One of the most unique and personalized components of a wedding day setting is a Wedding Arbor.  A beautifully decorated wedding arbor provides the perfect backdrop for many of the proudest wedding day pictures.

white wedding arch with flowers
In some wedding ceremonies, the exchange of vows actually takes place under or near such a wedding framework. How this structure is used in a wedding is often based upon religious customs, the design of the wedding setting, or both.

Whether the ceremony is going to be held in your backyard or you are planning a wedding at the beach, consider having this beautiful feature as part of your plans.

brid and groom dancing at outdoor wedding ceremony

You have a choice of different structures to use as a wedding backdrop from a small trellis to the more common arbors and arches, and the larger pergolas and gazebos. There is a  difference but distinctions between them is often blurred. There are a just a few decisions to make about incorporating a wedding arbor into your wedding plan, but don’t worry it’s pretty simple and it can be a lot of fun.  You can definitely keep it quick and simple or you can let your creativity flow.

Wedding arches are generally seen finished in white but other colors can be effectively used as well. One thing to consider is the arbor material and the popular choices are metal, wood, or vinyl.

Standard units come in sizes ranging from 48″-72″ wide being the most common but larger and custom designs are also available.

Decorating arbors with foliage and flowers creates a beautiful backdrop for the bride and groom. If possible choose live plant material for its beauty, its richness, and its camera-friendly qualities. There are some things to consider such as the length of time between assembly and decoration of the wedding arbor and when it will be used.

Live plant material, specifically most cut flowers and some foliage, needs water to keep it looking fresh and crisp. There are ways to accomplish that but alternatives should be used in locations of high heat or in situations with extended wedding day itineraries

Wedding decorations are fun to consider for the future bride and should be part of the most creative and detailed wedding plans.  Several materials can be added to embellish the raw arbor and to provide more visual interest and beauty.

Natural materials such as greenery and flowers and non-living materials such as artificial flowers, ribbons, fabric, and even lights are used to make the wedding arbor more picturesque. The type flowers and colors used in your bouquet and in the wedding party dresses can be duplicated or mimicked in the decorations.

The location where you are holding your wedding ceremony may already have some outdoor structures in place – a large pavilion, oversized gazebo, or garden walls. But you can impart a personal touch on the focal point of your special day when you introduce a Wedding Arbor into the existing landscape.

More details about decorating and design will be the subject of other articles here at

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Sophisticated Wedding Arbor
Transform a plain arbor into a sophisticated reception area with sheer, lightweight curtains.

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An outdoor wedding ceremony can be an ideal option for your wedding. Many couples are now opting for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

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