Outdoor Wedding Ceremony and Outdoors Wedding Weather

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lawn wedding setup next to a pond Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life.  It is critical to at least consider the detail to make sure that it goes according to plan and is memorable for all the right reasons especially for outdoor wedding locations.

But even with the best advanced wedding preparations, your plan can be put to the test if Mother Nature decides not to cooperate. Unless you live in a desert climate and are planning an outdoor Las Vegas wedding, chances are there could possibility be a shower in the forecast in most areas of the country.

In some cultures rain on a wedding day is supposed to bring good luck. Lucky or not plan for contingencies or at least consider some for the most critical segments of the day. So what’s a bride-to-be to do?  Plan.  Here’s a few things to remember and a few tips to consider to help turn a not so dry weather day into a still very enjoyable wedding day.

If your summer wedding happens to fall in a stretch of extra hot weather, a couple details can help everyone cope a little better with the heat. Plan to add umbrellas to outdoor tables to shade your guests from the strong sun. Ask the catering company to have pitchers of ice water with plenty of plastic cups available at all times. Adding some sliced lemons adds a nice touch.

For an outdoor wedding, plan access to a covered pavilion or arrange for a tent rental company to set up enough covered space to accommodate your guests and activities.  In most locations it is a good idea to have wedding event tents with sidewalls.

White tents with elegant French or cathedral window sidewalls are perfect for outdoor wedding events.

white wedding reception tent with sidewalls, planning outdoor weddings

There’s not typically any special outdoor wedding dresses available for brides or bridesmaids so you’ll have to protect the ones you have the best you can. Arrange to have plenty of extra umbrellas at the ready for the wedding party and guests who are not prepared for the rain. It also doesn’t hurt to have some rain coats and towels in the trunk of a few cars for your guests.

While planning your wedding check out where your wedding ceremony or reception are being help to see what overhead cover there is for arriving vehicles and guests.

If you’ve included a decorated wedding arbor in your plans, live plants and flowers will usually be okay with the rain showers.

Artificial plants will also survive the moisture but avoid using paper or tissue paper materials in wedding decorations. It is better to use formed ribbon designs and other artificial material that can withstand moisture and wind better than thin paper products in any wedding decorations.

When the weather cooperates there is no place better to enjoy your wedding day than outdoors. If mother nature throws a little rain or extra heat into the mix, you’ll just smile knowing you did your best to prepare and go on to enjoy your big day.

Make sure to let your guests know in the wedding invitation that your ceremony and/or reception will be held outdoors and to wear appropriate attire. Especially if it is going to be a wedding at the beach.

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