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Roses are unmatched for their striking beauty, variety of colors, and unforgettable fragrance. Climbing plants help visually “ground” a garden structure to the landscape. Ivys and creepers make beautiful walls of foliage that glisten in the sun and wave in the breeze. So add the two together and climbing roses are like blooming jewels to use with a garden trellis.

rose blooming on garden arch, climbing roseIf you are planning a summer wedding, consider using some real live rose plants as wedding gazebo decorations. For a home wedding you can easily plan ahead and plant rose bushes during the fall or two before the year of your wedding. The roses can winter over in the ground as normal and start the spring off with vigorous growth in anticipation of the big summer show.

Another option for outdoor or even indoor weddings is to grow some climbing, standard, or tree roses in containers. Then you can move them to the wedding site a day or more before the ceremony or reception  The growing containers need to be large enough to provide ample area for root growth and the soil needs to have good drainage, water retention, and proper nutrients.

Shrub roses and tree roses are more commonly grown in planters and containers. Climbing roses area bit more difficult to establish and control in a container but the added effect can be well worth the effort. All roses require a lot of sunlight and good air circulation to bloom properly and stay free from diseases.

Climbing roses can be tied to the trellis or arch uprights with floral twist ties, ribbon, or other materials to match the decorations or structure. Make sure to wear garden gloves and long sleeves when working with the roses. You don’t want to show scratched up arms in the wedding pictures.

It might even possible to dig up and transplant roses to use on a newly added trellis if they are not too old and well established. You don’t want to damage too many roots during the growing season especially if it is close to your wedding day. A wilted plant and floppy blooms is not what a nervous bride needs to see.

Many old style climbers have been around for generations proving how reliable they can be. New hybrids seem to be introduced just about every year resulting in more color choices, improved disease resistance, longer blooming range, or better hardiness characteristics.

One of the best and most trusted sources of rose plants is Jackson and Perkins. They have been in business for many years and have a large selection of rose varieties to use for in ground and container growing.

Try planting some climbing roses on a rose garden arbor or trellis in your home landscape. And for a really beautiful ceremony setting, definitely consider including live rose plants as part of your wedding decoration ideas.

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